Conference in EKET "High Performance Structural lightweight concrete with Pumice stone"

Current results of the research project "High Performance Structural lightweight concrete with Pumice stone" were presented during a conference, organized and held in ΕΚΕΤ on July 21st 2015. The objective of the project is to execute and prepare the necessary documentation for the introduction of lightweight concrete with pumice into the National Concrete Regulation.
The project is implemented by the Heracles Group (EKET, LAFARGE BETON ,LAVA) in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens (Laboratory of Reinforced Concrete) led by Associate Professor Chris Zeris. This project is being supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology and it is partially funded by the Greek State and the EU under the action NSFR 2007-2013 “PABET 2013”
The results presented during the workshop included physical-mechanical and durability tests on laboratory samples (EKET, LAFARGE BETON), feedback from multiple trial production batches at Rafina RMX (LAFARGE BETON), testing on real scale  reinforced specimens (NTUA), design relationships (NTUA) and comparison of the structural design of a five floor building from pumice concrete with one made of conventional concrete (NTUA).
The up-to-date results prove the very good behavior of pumice concrete for the manufacturing of structural elements and highlight the advantages as well as the limitations of its use versus conventional concrete, i.e. lighter construction, enhanced thermal / acoustic insulation, reduction of the required concrete volume, reduction of the required steel reinforcement, increased horizontal beam deformation). Τhe research is still on going and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.
During the workshop the participants exchanged views on the potential uses of pumice concrete. It is worth noting that in the workshop participated members of National Standardization Committees, LAFARGE customers as well as technical and non-technical personnel from our company together with the General Managers of LAFARGE BETON and Marketing.