Cooperation of LAVA SA with the Agricultural University of Athens

The cooperation of LAVA with the Agricultural University of Athens and the elaboration of a new research programme on the "Development of proper agricultural practices for growing vegetables in pumice and their dissemination in cultivating practices" was inaugurated in the one-day meeting that was held on Wednesday 3 November at the Zappeion Hall.

The one-day meeting was themed “Cultivation in pumice: an environmentally friendly method for substituting chemical fumigations of the soil in greenhouses”, and among the speakers there were members of the research team of the Agricultural University of Athens.

The participants were welcomed by Mr. Dimitris Chanis, General Manager of LAVA, who, among other things, stressed that “The aim of the research programme is to systematically collect and record the existing scientific and technological knowledge as regards the cultivation of greenhouse plants in pumice, in order to compile a practical handbook with instructions for producers that are already cultivating, or are interested in cultivating in pumice in the future.

The natural properties of pumice have a considerable scope of application, inter alia, in agricultural uses and on these grounds, through the programme, our intention is to systematically collect data from the cultivations being monitored and process them with the support of the Agricultural University of Athens.Moreover, we intend to train agricultural technicians and producers in hydroponics in pumice, actively supporting the end-users. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness of the Greek units of greenhouse hydroponics cultivation in pumice".

The Scientific Supervisor of the programme is Mr. Dimitris Savvas, Assistant Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens, who, together with the other members of the research team, presented and analysed hydroponics and the benefits accruing from the use of pumice. Among the participants there were representatives of the academic community, the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, clients of LAVA, agronomists, producers, as well as executives of the company.

Photos from the event

Photos of hydroponic cultivations in pumice