The project «Urban BioRoof» for green roofs was successfully completed

 The project «Urban BioRoof» for green roofs was successfully completed
The scientific two-day meeting «Urban BioRoof» was held with great success on the 17th & 18th of September 2015 in the Agricultural University of Athens, where the works, the  results and the conclusions of the homonymous scientific project were presented to more than 150 representatives of the scientific community and the public.
The project «Urban BioRoof», concerning the “Cooperation for the research & development of technologies for the selection and composition of substrates and plants for green roofs” was co-funded by European & National funds in the context of the Business Programs of Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness (EPAN II), and more precisely of the international Cooperation Program between China and Greece.
The substrate mix used in all research works contained as main constituent the LAVA pumice stone, a material that contributes in the retaining of water and pollutants because of its porous composition.
The representatives of the companies participating in the research project presented their products and services. Firstly, the LAVA SA Manager presented the properties and applications of pumice stone pointing out the various ways of pumice stone use in the green projects. LAVA SA constitutes the biggest producer and exporter of great quality pumice stone, one of the main ingredients for green roof’s substrates.
Subsequently, the Managing Director of LANDO LTD, which is active and has a great expertise in green roofs construction, presented distinguished projects of green roofs in Greece.
Further on, the Associate Professor Dr, P.Nektarios presented the Agricultural University of Athens which is the Academic Constitution which has published most of the scientific articles concerning the green roofs worldwide.
Photos of the two day meeting