The power of nature in your cultivation

The unique natural greek substrate for hydroponic cultivations

The pumice stone substrate “agroLAVA” for hydroponic cultivations is the most effective solution for the modern farmer. The excellent growing behavior and the increased crops offered by the pumice stone substrate "agroLAVA" in combination with its affordable cost , make it ideal for horticulture and floriculture crops.
The advantages of pumice stone substrate “agroLAVA”  are daily demonstrated in practice in greenhouses both in Greece and abroad. Modern farmers prefer pumice stone and rely on “agroLAVA” as the unique natural greek hydroponics substrate.
The advantages of pumice stone substrate agroLAVA
  •  Demonstrates a reduced risk of soil-borne deseases compared to other substrates
  •  Its structure is not degraded during cultivation, so it can be reused for several cultivation seasons
  •  It is a completely natural material with no industral processing
  •  It presents an ideal balance of air/water at the roots of plants
  •  It is chemically inert and thus nutrition of the plant is fully controlled
  •  It is easily wetted when it is reused
  •  It is recyclable
  •  It has a consistent quality and high purity due to the homogeneity of the deposit of pumice

AgroLAVA is distributed in planting bags on pallets or in big bags. The design of the bag was made in accordance with the specifications indicated by a group of scientists of the Agricultural University of Athens in the context of a relevant research program in order to effectively meet all the needs of plants and to optimize water and air to the roots of plants during the use of the bag.



agroLAVA substrate, an ecological material by nature

LAVA pumice stone is a chemically inert, porous volcanic rock, formed by undersea volcanic eruption in the region of Nisyros. The porosity of the material is due to gaps created by the escaping steam during cooling of lava.

LAVA pumice stone as a natural raw material completelly environmentally friendly, has a consistent quality because of the homogeneity of the deposit and the controls at all stages of production.

agroLAVA substrate is the first Greek product with the ecological label Ecolabel in the category “Growing Media”

The agroLAVA pumice substrate  was awarded on October 27, 2014 with the European Ecological Label – Ecolabel by the relevant body of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
The agroLAVA substrate is the first Greek product to receive the Ecolabel in the category of “Growing Media”.
The recent Ecolabel award of agroLAVA reflects its environment-friendly characteristics and the added value it offers to the crops which  it grows.

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