Technical Support

LAVA SA systematically assigns to the Hellenic Cement Research Center the quality control of products, the technical support for customers and part of the implementation of research programs in which it participates.

EKET (Hellenic Cement Research Center)

EKET was established in 1979 as a subsidiary of HERACLES GCC, now a member of Lafarge Group. Since 2010 has been incorporated in HERACLES GCC providing R&D services
  • for the improvement of cement quality and production process,
  • on the use of renewable raw materials and,
  • the control of industrial emissions.
EKET also supports the clients of HERACLES GCC on staff training, accreditation, troubleshooting and applied research.

In addition, EKET offers technical support and quality control services to constructive companies, quarries, concrete ready mix producers and building materials manufacturers.

It participates with universities and research institutions to programs relative to innovative materials and durability of concrete.

EKET is accredited by ESYD according to ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard to carry out tests on cement, aggregates, concrete and solid fuels. (

Certificate ΕΚΕΤ from ΕΣΥΔ (74.4Kb) 

EKET regularly is assigned to run quality control of the products, technical support of the clients and partial implementation of the research programs of LAVA. In particular, collaboration concerns the subjects:

  1. Tests and measurements και
  2. Technical services.
Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction aims at limiting buildings' environmental impact, improving at the same time quality when it comes to aesthetics, viability, resistance and durability. Sustainable construction techniques can be implemented throughout a building's life, from the selection of initial materials up to its demolition and material recycling.

Sustainable construction involves in particular:
  • Using recyclable materials aiming at preserving natural resources;
  • Integrating renewable energy sources into building designing;
  • Optimising renewable energy sources.