Technical Services

  • Technical support
    • Technical studies concerning properties and applications of materials produced by LAVA
    • Non destructive tests in quarry installations
  • Technical support of LAVA clients (instructions and troubleshooting)
  • Proposal and implementation of research programs
Research programs in collaboration with EKET
  • National program EPET II (EKBAN): “Development and production of building materials and products from pumice and magnesite” 01/01/1995- 30/06/1998.
  • National program EPET II (EKBAN): “Preparation of silica ultrafine films with plasma treatment self-congruent and Langmuir- Blodgett membranes for gas separation and reverse osmosis” 01/01/1995- 30/06/1998.
  • BRITE/EURAM III: "Removal of iron from quartz: Development of a continuous integrated leach/effluent treatment system- QUARTZTREAT”, BE-95-1926, 01/07/1996- 30/06/2001.
  • National program EPET II (EKBAN): “Exploitation of domestic microcrystallic material for high added value applications” 01/11/1998- 30/06/2001.

Mortar compressive strength measurement device Material processing in high temperature laboratory Cement workability testing

Differential thermal analysis of gypsum

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction aims at limiting buildings' environmental impact, improving at the same time quality when it comes to aesthetics, viability, resistance and durability. Sustainable construction techniques can be implemented throughout a building's life, from the selection of initial materials up to its demolition and material recycling.

Sustainable construction involves in particular:
  • Using recyclable materials aiming at preserving natural resources;
  • Integrating renewable energy sources into building designing;
  • Optimising renewable energy sources.