Improving Safety Conditions for Everyone

In Greece, we apply Lafarge's Health & Safety Policy, aiming at zero accidents.

For the purpose of applying our Health and Safety policy, we take measures that concern the necessary means, equipment and infrastructure for a safe workplace; implement Standards and Procedures for each task performed and organise training courses to foster a common safety understanding and behaviour among all employees. Special attention is paid to the safety training programmes, which are intended not only for the employees but also our contractors.

More than one third of the training programmes  concernes safety. However, improvement is accomplished through not only training but also everyday cooperation among teams at the quarries. Short discussions / presentations (tool box talks) on workplace safety matters are proved to be an effective way to disseminate fundamental messages and establish two-way communication on safety matters.
“Perno Thesi” (I get involved)
The “Perno Thesi” programme of the HERACLES Group is aimed at raising risk-awareness and reducing risk tolerance. It is intended to enable a change in individual behaviour, in order to enhance safety performance. The “Perno Thesi” programme, which was launched in January 2008, is a convincing dialogue on safety, based on mutual trust. We observe people at work; we discuss with them - mainly listening to what they have to say - in respect of safety issues related to their task, and prompt them through their own initiative and commitment to behave safely.