Safety Month

HERACLES Group organises Safety Month at its sites every year. It is intended to raise awareness among the employees and further highlight the safety priorities for each site, through fruitful dialogue, exchange of views and similar activities.

HERACLES Group believes that ongoing training and awareness-raising, through actions like the Safety Month, have led to a significant improvement in H&S results. In the period 2007-2011, the number of Lost Time Incidents declined by 73%.Particularly, at the same period for the employees or HERACLES the Frequency Rate of Incidents with Lost Time was decreased by 80%, being for 2 consecutive years below 1%. At the same time the Severity Index was decreased by 83% in rates of 0,02-0,04, which indicates that accidents are minor incidents, with little impact on the health of the Group’s employees.

LAVA SA participates in the campaign, with activities addressed mainly to the company’s employees. However, depending on the programme and the site, they may involve employees’ families, contractors and stakeholders.

The programme comprises presentations and interactive team-projects with regard to:

  • housekeeping and cleanliness, therefore a safer workplace
  • reporting of accidents and particularly of Near Misses on the part of the employees, in order to prevent potential accidents
  • Risk Assessment before every task and site-specific Safety Issues

May-June 2012

For a fifth consecutive year Health & Safety Month was held in LAVA quarries. The main topic of Health & Safety Month 2012 for all Lafarge sites in the world was “Health and Safety is in our Hands-RISK ASSESSMENT-5 SIMPLE STEPS”
In our quarries this topic was developed and specialized with working teams on daily works or maintenance works. Particularly , on the 4th step of Risk Assessment referring to the Protective Equipment , here in Greece we focused also on the topic of the behaviour of each of us , discussing how critical is for the Safety of all our personal behaviour on Safety issues and how the behaviour depending on our choice can constitute sometimes a Risk and sometimes a Protective Measure. In each team work Critical Behaviours were detected , which constitute additive Protective Measures.
The day ended with the commitment of the employees in those issues which the employees considered to be most important compared to all the issues which were mentioned and discussed that day.

June 2011

For a fourth consecutive year Health & Safety Month was held in LAVA quarries. The main topic of Health & Safety Month 2011 for all Lafarge sites in the world was Safety in Transport activities. Following this in our quarries we focused in Safety of Mobile Equipment.

Quarry employees and contractors together with LAVA managers attended videos concerning Safety Rules for driving, operating and maintaining quarry vehicles and discussed on the rule implementation in their quarry conditions.
Then they all participated in outdoor team workshops on daily inspection of quarry vehicles and "gray zones" around loaders and bulldozers.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Employees are forming the "gray zone"around a loader Pozzolana quarry-daily vehicle inspection exercise Employees are forming the "gray zone " around a loader

Pumice stone quarry "gray zone" around a bulldozer Gypsum quarry- daily vehicle inspection exercise

June 2010

The “June - Health & Safety Month” campaign was held for the third consecutive year at the LAVA quarries with the participation of employees and contractors in activities related to Health and Safety at the workplace. In 2010, the Health & Safety Month activities have concentrated on two subjects:

  1. The new Corporate Advisory on Safe Work near Piles. The hazards and Safety rules were introduced and analysed, followed by a discussion on how to implement them at each quarry, while the employees had the opportunity to talk about relevant hazardous situations they have experienced until today, with a view to avoiding them in the future.
  2. The topic “Noise, a danger you can’t hear coming”. The presentation referred to the physiology and function of the valuable organ of hearing, specific measurements related to the exposure to noise at the workplaces, the consequences and the ways of protection, as well as to noise and its consequences for our everyday environment.


Health and Safety

Health and Safety are top priorities for LAVA S.A. The company implements a stringent safety policy for its employees and contractors.

For the implementation of our Health and Safety policy, we take measures that concern the necessary means, equipment and infrastructure for a safe working place; apply Standards and Procedures for each task performed; and organise training courses to foster a common safety understanding and behaviour among all employees.