Pozzolana Quarry (Milos)

The pozzolana quarry is located at Xilokeratia, west Milos island. Having invested 750 million Drachmas, LAVA SA began operating the quarry in 1990. It is an opencast quarry, operated following the method of vertical benches.

How pozzolana quarry operates

The product is extracted using bulldozers and then loaded with wheel loaders onto conventional trucks or dumpers to be transported to the crushing facilities (1000m). Next, the material is crushed in an open circuit in a vibrating crusher and stocked on an outdoor pile through belt conveyors. The material is then loaded onto vessels through tunnels and belt conveyor that lead to the private port facilities.

The quarry’s production capacity is 800,000 tons/year. Loading facilities’ capacity serves vessels up to a tonnage of 6,000 tons at a loading rate of 1,000 tons/hour.

The process of loading bulk pozzolana onto vessels complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate (attached)

Committed to sustainable development

The pozzolana quarry is constantly upgraded and improved on annual basis. Activities mainly focus on enhancing employees’ and contractors’ Health and Safety, reducing the environmental footprint and ensuring the quarry’s sound environmental management and operation, based on Sustainable Development principles. The commitment of the quarry’s people is essential for the success of the broader "Sustainability Ambitions 2012" project on sustainable development of Heracles Group.

Health and Safety: Top priority

Occupational Health and Safety of employees and contractors are fundamental values and key priorities in all LAVA’s activities. Like all other company facilities, the quarry has been applying Lafarge Group’s Health and Safety policy with zero accident target since 2006. Systematic efforts in the past few years have led to considerable progress and a continuous improvement in Health and Safety issues.The policy involves measures regarding equipment, use of Personal Protective Equipment, Standards and Procedures for all tasks executed and appropriate training programmes to foster a common understanding of a safe behaviour.

Improving environmental performance

Sound environmental management and the quarry's upgrading are daily priorities. Under “Sustainability Ambitions 2012”, the quarry has been implementing a specific action plan that focuses on:reducing its environmental footprint by restoring the landscape (quarry rehabilitation), protecting marine biodiversity in the broader vessel-loading area (through anti pollution plans and Vessel Waste Management Plans) and recycling the batteries and lubricants of vehicles and equipment.

Rehabilitation of the quarry in Milos is a challenge, not only because of the island’s soil and weather conditions, but also because it is located in an extremely sensitive area (ΝΑΤURA network), next to tourist facilities. The protected species of the Milos island are the indigenous viper (Vipera scwheizeri) and the threatened species of Mediterranean Seal (Monachus monachus). Quarry operation and rehabilitation plans are designed having in mind the area’s sensitivity.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety are top priorities for LAVA S.A. The company implements a stringent safety policy for its employees and contractors.

For the implementation of our Health and Safety policy, we take measures that concern the necessary means, equipment and infrastructure for a safe working place; apply Standards and Procedures for each task performed; and organise training courses to foster a common safety understanding and behaviour among all employees.